Dangerous Results Of Coffee

19 Mar

Health Reminder Tips: Coffee is not for Everyone

Coffee is not for everyoneOver the years, the impact of drinking coffee in the health of many people has created a very controversial topic. Skeptics would argue that coffee is totally not good for the health, especially for the heart. On the other side, avid coffee drinkers are getting healthier as each passing day. Is there really an absolute answer to the controversial issue? Perhaps, there is. However, the answer would not be a deciding factor to determine which side is correct and which is not. To take it more appropriately, each side is in fact correct in their own sense.

The truth is that coffee is not for everyone. It is a well-established fact that not every beverage is perfect for everyone. Coffee is not an exemption to this. In fact, if abused and used excessively, coffee is among the most dangerous beverages that could be considered lethal. On the contrary, it is still the healthiest drink.

  • If you are wondering now about the effects of coffee to some people and if you are a perfect fit to continue the coffee drinking habit, then try to examine the list below. The list includes certain types of individuals that must moderate and refrain coffee drinking into a more suitable amount or dosage.
  • Coffee is not for everyone, especially for individuals who have a history of caffeine sensitivity. This sensitivity could include increase in heart rate, headaches, palpitations and sleeping disturbances. These effects are due to the stimulant nature of caffeine. This can be avoided by minimizing the amount of coffee intake to the recommended dosage.
  • Individuals who are suffering from problems or diseases in the gastrointestinal region should refrain from drinking coffee. Coffee is considered as a diuretic in nature. Due to such nature, the caffeine can create irritation in the intestinal walls and could possibly affect ulcers as well.
  • People who have a history of heart problems should consult their personal doctors about the right amount of coffee intake each day. As a stimulant, coffee greatly affects the proper functioning of the blood flow in the body. Your doctor knows what is best for you if you have heart problems and still want to continue drinking coffee.

While coffee might pose a risk for your health, the important thing to understand and remember is all about moderation. Everything in excess is not good. Coffee is actually very beneficial for you but only if it is taken in the recommended amount.


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