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Keurig B70

The Keurig B70 is the top of the line home brewing system that creates amazing single cups of coffee. The system has the most number of features compared to the other Keurig brewing systems. There are more options for the cup sizes and there is a bigger water reservoir.

The Keurig B70 coffee maker also uses the Quiet-Brew Technology and has a fully programmable system for perfect brewing all the time.  The device also includes a removable dip tray so that you can place a travel mug perfectly. The Keurig B70 coffee maker is the top of the line single cup brewer where you can make amazing coffee, cocoa and tea in just under a minute.

You will certainly love this amazing product and you will certainly feel amazed by the consistent perfect coffee that you can create using this product.

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Here is why this product is amazing:

  • Keurig B70 coffee maker runs in 1500w and uses one touch controls for precise coffee all the time.
  • The device also uses the K Cup pods for easy brewing
  • you have a choice of 5 cup sizes
  • You do not have to deal with noise when running a coffee maker due to the Quiet Brew system of the keurig B70 coffee maker.
  • The device also works as a clock with a  digital clock included
  • It has an LCD screen that can be programmed
  • It has the biggest water reservoir of around 60oz.
  • Easy clean up with the removable tray


Why Keurig B70?

Why buy such a big device like the Keurig B70? If you love coffee, that might not be the strongest reason to buy one. If you are passionate about a really good brew, then you might consider this. If you are passionate about a good brew that takes less than a minute to do is the perfect reason to buy this product. The Keurig B70 coffee maker can give you the right consistency since you can program the coffee maker and have consistent brews all the time. It is that easy and all you have to do is dispense the perfect coffee and enjoy the results every time. The device also is very modern, stylish and appealing. This is a perfect fixture for any kitchen and will certainly make your counter looking complete. The style of the Keurig B70 is very clean and modern with sleek lines to update your kitchen.

Advantages and disadvantages

The first thing you can consider here would be the cup sizes. There are 5 sizes that you can choose. There is the 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, 10oz and 12oz. With that diversity of cup sizes, you can really make the perfect coffee at the amount that you prefer. Let us say you just want a leisurely cup of coffee. You do not want too much. You prefer the smallest size and you can have it. It is so easy to make and with just one push of a button, and less than a minute, you can make the most delicious coffee. The other aspect of the Keurig B70 coffee maker is the large water reservoir. If you know the B60, you will know that it can hold 48oz. With the Keurig B70, you have 60. For others, that is quite a big deal. The best advantage of this brewer is actually its design. It is sleeker, more modern, more fascinating and will certainly be a fantastic conversation piece if with another coffee aficionado. This is a great appliance to have at home.

Of course, the Keurig B70 is not without some disadvantages. You will certainly like it bigger but is it really worth additional dollars for a few ounces of water? That is one consideration that you might want to think about.

User Review

“I decided to buy the Keurig B70 coffee maker since our home has a lot of coffee drinkers. Me my wife and my 2 college kids all like coffee and sometimes we always finish the contents in one day. The 60oz water reservoir makes it easier for all of us to just brew our own individual cups and not worry about one not getting any. My eldest kid and I always go travel sizes so that is already a large chunk of the water spent. The Keurig B70 is a really good and worth it device for families with a lot of coffee drinkers”.

- Matt Horowitz, London.

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