Keurig K-Cups

Quick Review

The Keurig K-Cups is a filter assembly that has the mesh filter, the basket and the lid. My K Cup retails for a very decent price and is used for Keurig home Brewers. The device is not to be used for the professional line. The filters work in a number of keurig models such as the Ultra, Ultimate, Special Edition, Mini, Classic, Elite, Breville and the Platinum.

The only product that you have to repurchase from the My K Cup is the mesh which is available in sets of 2 once the said material wears off. The device is supposed to be a reusable filter that can handle multiple brews without getting new filters over and over again. This is money saving device and unarguably, an Eco-friendly option to regular filters. This is a very cheap product that lasts for a number of brews before replacing the mesh. That really makes a big difference don’ you think?

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Keurig K-Cups Features

The design of the Keurig K Cups in reusable format has the filter mesh, the basket and the lid. The basket holds the filter in place and the lid placed on top. On your home brewing system, you remove the existing K Cup and place the new one.

Since the Keurig K Cups reusable version is universal to a number of Keurig units, just follow the arrows and the proper way of placing the filter to the brewer. Once that is secured, you can now get the perfect blend of coffee all the time. All you need to do is remove My K Cup and clean it up for the next brew. Be sure to remove it and clean it to prevent build up of residue that can affect the functionality of the cup and the quality of the brew.

Why My K Cup?

A filtering device like My K Cup is just simple tool, yes but imagine what you were doing before and what you can do now with Keurig K Cup reusable. With the regular filters that would worth up to 55 cents for 1 brew of coffee, you throw them away right after. That is something that you might not have thought of before. Also, you must be thinking of expanding your experimentation on gourmet coffee brews but you cannot do that before.

My K Cup will help you in making unique gourmet brews at your heart’s desire. With one reusable filter, you can take advantage of more variety and of course, a more Eco-friendly way to minimize waste. Think of all the waste that you have accumulated everyday just because of filters that you cannot use anymore.

Advantages and disadvantages

One great thing about the Keurig K Cups is that you can make your own gourmet coffee brews and experiment on the taste and flavors. You can make adjustments if you want the brew to be extra strong, to mix other coffee labels or infuse them with other flavors from a drop of vanilla, or some cinnamon or other flavors. My K Cups give you the freedom to make your own perfect brew all the time.  It all depends on your taste this time. Another great advantage of the Keurig K Cups is that it is less wasteful.

With the regular ones, you throw the filter away in one brew. Here, you just clean it up and reuse it again for another brewing experience. There is less clutter on your part and there is practically more money saved imagines a dollar you spend a day for 2 brews of coffee or tea. You spend 30 dollars already for each day that you brew. With this product, you save so much more and get more out of your purchase. They last for quite a long time.

If you are not a gourmet coffee lover and you just like regular coffee from the various options from Keurig, you are at a disadvantage if you buy this since you have to measure the coffee yourself and make the blend. The first run may be bad and you might even find it mortifying. Just make sure that if you want to use this product, you will be patient in studying the blends. You can even start with cheap coffee.

User Review

“My K Cups is one of the reasons I shifted to Keurig. I always like my own coffee brew and I really cannot find it even in the premade blends from the brand. I have very particular tastes so when I heard about these; I immediately tried it on the B60 and started with my own blend. It was a magical experience. On top of that, you can reuse the filter and since I am the only one using it, I am confident my filter will last a very long time. For 2 weeks already, I have not seen any signs of wear and tear”.

- Jenny Filsame, Alabama

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